The RINJANI-Be is a 2½-way floor standing speaker which takes the RINJANI performance to the highest level with the SATORI TW29BN Beryllium tweeter and revised crossover. The TW29BN has been independently announced by many as the best tweeter in the world.

Mount Rinjani is a breathtakingly beautiful active volcano on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. The volcano is know to display dramatic eruptions with plumes of lava and ash. The RINJANI kit is designed to deliver transparent and dynamic sound reproduction.

The RINJANI’s faceted baffle is specially designed to reduce high frequency diffraction and yields superb imaging qualities. A further 7⁰ reclined cabinet ensures time alignment resulting in sublime staging and pin point placement of instruments. The quality crossover lives in it’s own sealed chamber in the bottom of the speaker with a sharp incline to diminish standing waves.

The cabinet is masterfully crafted from 18mm MDF with internal bracing to distribute cabinet vibrations and lower sound coloration. Unwanted reflections are minimized by wedge shaped inner rear walls. The RINJANI also has dual ports at the back to distribute port resonance evenly and lower compression.

For a smaller speaker with similar design goals look to the ARA and ARA-Be which are the over achieving siblings of the great RINJANI.


Designed by: Ulrik Schmidt, Danesian Audio – Denmark


Additional information

Frequency Range

42-30000 Hz +/-3 dB


( 2.83V/1m ) 89 dB

Nominal Impedance

4 Ω


107 dB

Crossover Frequency

2300 Hz

Enclosure Type

Bass reflex

Port Tuning Frequency

35.5 Hz

Drive Units

SATORI TW29BN & 2 x 6½" SATORI MW16P-8

Cabinet Material

18 mm MDF

Speaker Dimension

(HxWxD) 1010 x 190 x 464 mm ( 39.72 x 7.48 x 18.27 inch )

Net Weight

Cabinet only 18.49 kg (40.76 lb), Full assy 22.42 kg (49.43 lb)

  • White Satin
  • Black Satin
  • White High Gloss
  • Black High Gloss
  • Orange High Gloss
  • Red High Gloss